Economic and industrial cooperation between states should not be limited to the private sector and large corporations: it should be considered to be a reason of state and a requirement not only for business people but also for policy-makers.

The “Industrial Summit. Europe meets Ukraine 2017” project aims to develop political and industrial cooperation between states. The first edition will focus on Ukraine – a country with a high economic potential, which could become a valuable partner for Poland and the European Union. The issues to be discussed at the conference will include the development of and cooperation within the armaments industry in Central Europe, and energy security which is increasingly becoming an important element of global security. Policy-makers, representatives of the armed forces and experts from around the world will discuss how to effectively develop industrial cooperation among their countries.

One of the priorities of Poland’s foreign policy is to strive to build the best possible relations with our neighbours. Particularly noteworthy is Ukraine which, having been within the sphere of influence of the Russian Federation for many years and due to its internal problems with corruption, has been unable to convince the western world that is it a valuable political and economic partner. After the Maidan revolution and the overthrow of the government, the Ukrainians headed to the West, trying to break free from the dependencies imposed on them. The new government, having the support and determination of the Ukrainians, has not deviated from its path, in spite of the illegal annexation of Crimea and the war in the east of Ukraine. The “Industrial Summit. Europe meets Ukraine 2017” will be another step towards extending the cooperation between European Union members and economic partners.